Aurora Pot, 2013, on sale now

A simple pot hand-cast in water based resin. Each lid is embellished using a simple 'polish on water' process commonly used to temporarily demonstrate light refraction.

A single drop of polish is dropped onto water. The beautiful, and usually momentary, slick that is created is then scooped off the water's surface and onto the pot lid; each unique slick is captured permanently.

The luminosity of the pot lid changes when viewed from different angles, the spectrum appearing to shift with an almost three dimensional quality.

I've always liked the visual effect of oil or polish slicks on water; I wanted to simply find a way to transfer a polish slick from the water's surface and preserve it on an object.

Every pot lid is unique, and each pot is numbered on the base.

135mm diameter x 65mm.

Pots may be in stock or otherwise are made to order.

Contact for pricing.

Images By Petr Krecjí

Each pot is unique.