Herringbone Cabinet no. 1, 2016

Materials: Jesmonite 'White Marble' stone, Solid walnut interior, Solid brass hinges.

Dimensions : 86cm Long x 83cm tall x 33cm deep approx.

Custom form, function, scale, colour and finish available.

Email > mail@philcuttance.com to enquire.

Price on application.

The Herringbone Cabinet was one of the pieces I showed as part of the 'Future Heritage' show, Curated by Corinne Julius, in September at 'Decorex' in London.

The curved doors and back, are reinforced inside, which enables me to cast strong, curved sections over one metre in size, yet at only 20mm thick. Supported by a minimal solid walnut structure, the Herringbone cabinet demonstrates my ability to make larger custom pieces, with large scope in respect to the scale, form, function, colour and finish of the piece. The process enables me to make a unique piece each time.

The mould from which the piece is cast is also made by hand. I score and fold a sheet of plastic and fold it into a complex folded 3D landscape. This flat form is then then folded into the 3D form of the vase and then cast into.

The Cabinet is often assumed to be made by CNC routing, but the Herringbone sections are cast completely by hand in my London studio, using my unique casting process. I am interesting in creating objects whose form, often detailed and visually complex, belies the hand-made, lo-fi processes by which they are created. On closer inspection the objects often reveal small imperfections, which are a result of the process and communicate the hand-made nature of the piece.