Weld vases, 2010, on sale now.

Recycled ABS plastic sheet, ABS plastic weld.

A departure from machine-made mass replicated plastic , the Weld vases are each individually hand-crafted and idiosyncratic, and therefore possess an inherent value unusual for plastic goods.

Hot air welding joins the thin plastic shapes together creating strong and decorative edges.

To see how the weld vases are made click on 'Weld vases - how they are made' in the menu.

All of the plastic used in the vases is discarded off-cut plastic from a local London plastic fabricator, and each vase is individually numbered on the base.

The vases are available in three tonal combinations;

Black - with white welds
White - with black welds
Mixed - with both black and white faces and black welds

and in 3 shapes;

Tall - 37cm x 14cm
High waisted - 28cm x 12cm
Low waisted - 26cm x 13cm

email phil@philcuttance.com for pricing

Photography Petr Krejci

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