Weld furniture , 2009, on sale.

Recycled ABS plastic and ABS weld.

The handcrafted Weld series utilises hot-air plastic welding which joins the thin plastic shapes together creating strong and decorative edges. Hot-air welding is a process commonly used to repair broken plastic parts.

All of the plastic used in the vases is discarded off-cut ABS from a local London plastic fabricator

In the Weld collection, this process is used to join thin plastic components together to create furniture featuring strong and decorative edges. A departure from machine-made mass replicated plastic furniture, Weld's limited edition pieces are each individually hand-crafted and idiosyncratic, and therefore possess an inherent value unusual for plastic furniture.

Weld furniture is made in a similar way to the weld vases, as described in 'Weld vases - the process' in the menu on the left.

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