Herringbone ‘Stone Blend’ vases


Herringbone ‘Stone Blend’ vases.

These vases are made by mixing two different types of crushed stone to create an ombre effect. There is no pigment added to the mix. Each piece is unique due to the organic nature of the mixing process.

Each piece in the Herringbone range is handmade. The forms are often assumed to be made using processes such as 3D printing or CNC, but they are made by hand in the following way:

I first create a custom folding pattern which I then project onto a flat sheet material. This material is then folded by hand into a 3D 'Herringbone' shaped relief. This relief is used as a flat mould onto which I cast resin. This casting is then then manipulated by hand into the final 3D form of the piece. From this form I then cast another mould from which the final Herringbone vases are cast.

I am interesting in creating objects whose form, often detailed and visually complex, belies the hand-made, lo-fi processes by which they are created. On closer inspection the objects often reveal small imperfections, which are a result of the process and communicate the hand-made nature of the piece.