Pleat Sculpture no.1


'Pleat' sculpture no.1.

Unique piece.

145 x 40 x 20 cm.

100% Handmade in Jesmonite Stone.

Can be displayed indoors and outdoors.

Price on application.

The process I have developed to create this unique object is done entirely by hand. I begin by drawing a mathematically complex pattern which represents a flattened version of the final 3d shape. I then overlay a sheet of thin transparent plastic sheet which I score and fold according to the pattern underneath. This produces the 3D pleated origami-like relief. I then cast resin directly into this folded sheet. With this piece I have created a 'shell' using four sides created as described above, which I cast into to create the final piece.

My objects are often assumed to be made by CNC routing, or 3d printing, but they are cast completely by hand in my London studio, using my unique casting process. I am interesting in creating objects whose form, often detailed and visually complex, belies the hand-made, lo-fi processes by which they are created. On closer inspection the objects often reveal small imperfections, which are a result of the process and communicate the hand-made nature of the piece.